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Programmer’s calculator app for iPhone

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Programmer’s calculator app for iPhone
Programmer’s calculator app for iPhone

Calcuccino from Cambridge Coders is a programmers' calculator that uses the iPhone's menus and swipe gestures to improve on the conventional calculator. The result is a powerful calculator for programming, engineering and scientific use, with big buttons for fast and reliable entry. Calcuccino features signed, unsigned, and floating-point arithmetic; variable word size from 2 to 64 bits; an interactive ASCII symbol table; bit shifting and rotation; Boolean logic; binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal notation; bitwise logic; sin, cos, tan, log and square root; and IEEE-754 support.

Users can swipe across the interface to perform common tasks or see more information, swipe the virtual LCD display to change the number base or format, or swipe the keypad section to reveal an interactive ASCII table. Commonly used functions buttons can be placed on a favourites bar with user-definable buttons. Five favourites buttons are visible at a time, and the rest (up to fifteen in total) can be revealed by swiping. Favourites can be assigned from the menu or by tapping and holding a favourite button. A functions menu reduces the number of buttons on the primary interface, allowing all buttons to be large and clear.


Calcuccino also takes full advantage of the high-resolution retinal display on the new iPhone 4 to provide crisp, sharp graphics at the full native display resolution. With both iOS 4 and the earlier iOS 3, Calcuccino remembers where you were in a calculation when you left, allowing you to return later to complete it.

A Lite version of Calcuccino is available for free, and the full version is priced at USD 2.99.


Image: Cambridge Coders

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