Udo: Where do you see the biggest advantage compared to other inductive components providers?
Mauricio: The inductive components can be completely customized. And due to the new approach and materials, MAGMENT is very competitive and offers up to 75% lower prices than other providers. Our solutions can be even 20% cheaper than those our Chinese competitors can offer. The other big advantage is the volatile material which makes almost every form possible.

Udo: You mentioned other possible applications where MAGMENT can be used. Tell us more about the dynamic wireless charging and your project in Salo.

Mauricio: Dynamic inductive wireless charging of private cars on the road will be the future, but it will be not as easy to build. There are many barriers which must be breached. On the other hand, there are already immediate cases. For example, the BRT-Systems (Bus Rapid Transit). In almost countries they operate on fixed lines. With the MAGMENT Charging Slab, the charging can be split. Instead of one “overnight” charge, the e-buses can be charged at every bus stop. That enables companies to use 80% smaller batteries for their buses and thus makes them affordable for cities (e.g., possible savings of up to $260,000 per bus). The first MAGMENT dynamic inductive wireless test track will be located in Salo, Finland. It will have a total length of 1,200 meters, from the train station to the IoT Campus. That is going to be a real user scenario with electrical vehicles from BYD, TAM, LEVC, and Sensible4. They will test their vehicles under real conditions with the general public. It will be ready in the second half of 2018.
Dynamic inductive wireless charging system, MAGMENT UG, 2018

Udo: After the Salo project, what can we expect from MAGMENT?
Mauricio: MAGMENT is looking forward to showing the world the concept of dynamic inductive wireless charging with magnetizable concrete. But dynamic inductive wireless charging is just one of the MAGMENT product’s functions. Because of the high magnetic effects of the material, it can be used in many different applications. For example, accompanied with new renewable power plants, such as wind parks, there is a big need of high voltage DC-transmission (HVDC-Transmission) and that causes high risks of radiation. MAGMENT can be used as a coating for the HVDC-Transmission to reduce the radiation. The advantage: the mixture can be made on the spot, which saves a lot of transportation and material costs.
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