Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3

January 25, 2017 | 06:42
Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3
Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3
Farnell expands their, beloved by not only Elektor readers, Raspberry Pi family with three new products: the Compute Module 3, the Compute Module 3 Lite and an accompanying Compute 3 Development Kit.

With the Compute Module 3 a new step is made in the development of the Raspberry Pi for the fast-growing industrial and commercial markets. Based on the Broadcomm BCM2837, the CM3 enables developers to combine the speed of the Raspberry Pi 3 with the flexibility of the Compute Modules.

The Compute Module 3 and Compute Module 3 Lite are System on Modules (SoMs) with processor, memory, eMMC Flash (not in the Lite version) and power supply electronics. The modules are, from a mechanical perspective, compatible with a DDR2-SODIMM. The CM3 and CM3 Lite are provided with the processor and the memory of the Raspberry Pi, 3 and also have extra I/O interfaces.

The Development Kit is remarkably complete and comprises an RPi CM IO Board, as well as the CM3 and the CM3 Lite, camera and display adapter, power supply, USB cable and a few jumpers.

The new modules enable designers to integrate the RPi hardware and software-stack into their own systems and form factors. For these you could consider applications such as Internet of Things, embedded solutions, home automation, control systems and consumer electronics.
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