Looking for an innovative, fun-to-construct timepiece? Check out the Raspberry Pi Pico-based Sand Clock Kit, which, once assembled, can etch the current time in a layer of sand. Assembly takes less than two hours! 

The Sand Clock Kit

The kit is perfect for professional engineers and makers alike. Diverging from conventional sand clocks that merely symbolize the passage of time, this innovative 135 x 110 x 80 mm sand clock, controlled by a Raspberry Pi Pico, takes a leap forward by accurately depicting the current time. It achieves this by intricately "etching" the four-digit hour and minute indicators in a layer of sand. Upon the completion of a customizable time interval, two vibration motors flatten the sand, initiating a reset of the entire process. Imagine it on display for your family and friends!

Pico-based Sand clock kit
Take a look inside the kit.

At the heart of the sand clock are two servo motors that manipulate a writing pen through a pantograph mechanism. Another servo motor manages the pen's vertical motion. The sand container integrates two vibration motors intended to even out the sand surface. The electronic components include a Raspberry Pi Pico and an RTC/driver board featuring a real-time clock, along with driver circuits for the servo motors.

RPi Pico Sand Clock Kit
The clock is a real eye-catcher!

Assemble Your Kit

Curious what's involved in the assembly process? Check out the Sand Clock Kit Assembly Manual and watch the video. 

The Sand Clock Kit ships with the following:
  • 3 precut acrylic sheets with all mechanical parts
  • 3 mini servo motors
  • 2 vibration motors
  • 1 Raspberry Pi Pico
  • 1 RTC/driver board with assembled parts
  • Nuts, bolts, spacers, and wires for the assembly
  • Fine-grained white sand


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