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Return of the Free Webinar: Embedded Firmware Library!

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Return of the Free Webinar: Embedded Firmware Library!
Return of the Free Webinar: Embedded Firmware Library!

After a two month hiatus, Elektor is proud to announce the return of our free Webinars in cooperation with our good friends at element14. We hope you’ve made the most of the summertime, because our latest Webinar is guaranteed to keep you indoors and glued to your seat!

In 2012, Elektor Magazine presented a C library for the ElektorBus microcontroller nodes. This makes it easy to adapt the library for other types of microcontroller and other boards: only the hardware-specific part needs to be changed, while the rest remains the same. Developers tend to stick firmly to their favorite controllers. If an outsider wants to understand and modify open-source code, he has to delve deep in the datasheet of that particular controller.


Elektor’s “Embedded Firmware Library (EFL)” is a recent project ( May, 2013) offering a common API for controller features like ADC, UART and SPI, as well as for peripheral blocks on the board like Display, RS485 Interface and SD card. EFL users  can write higher-level libraries (e.g. for communication protocols) and applications which are completely independent from the processor and the wiring on the board. No more examining complex datasheets or schematics!


In this webinar EFL co-developer Jens Nickel will demonstrate the build of a small EFL project. Naturally, he will also show how the EFL works “under the hood”. Jens Nickel is an editor working for the German edition of Elektor. He studied Physics in Stuttgart followed by training in science journalism. Jens has been with Elektor for 8 years, after working for various magazines covering renewable energy.


Event Info:

Webinar: Embedded Firmware Library

Date: Thursday, September 19th, 2013
Start Time: 16:00 (CEST)
Presenter: Jens Nickel (Elektor Editor)
Language: English


Following the thirty minute webinar, there will be a question and answer session during which, selected viewers queries will be discussed and answered. All who attend are welcome to enter into this debate and receive electronics know-how from EFL co-developer and frequent Elektor contributor, Jens Nickel. Participation in this event is absolutely free, so don’t miss out!

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