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RF module features embedded multiprotocol stack

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
RF module features embedded multiprotocol stack
RF module features embedded multiprotocol stack

The RC1180-KNX2 from Radiocrafts AS targets building automation applications and claims to be the world's first RF module with a complete embedded KNX-RF multiprotocol stack. KNX-RF Multi is an extension of the European standard for building automation with extra redundancy and increased reliability. The embedded protocol is backward compatible with KNX-RF 1.1 and KNX Ready and can be used with unidirectional and bidirectional devices.


The new module is intended to be used with sensors, actuators and other home and building automation devices. It operates in the 868 MHz band using Listen Before Talk (LBT) and frequency agility to reduce collisions. Up to five frequencies are scanned and selected automatically. A single receiver can be linked with up to 64 transmitters, enabling very large RF networks.


Among other features, the module offer automatic battery supervision and signal strength information. Fast acknowledge and retransmit capability ensures link reliability. Complete repeater functionality is also built into the protocol stack, which can retransmit messages in two hops. It can be used with S, A and E installation modes. A UART interface supports serial communication and configuration. An antenna can be connected directly to the RF pin.


The RC1180-KNX2 surface-mount transceiver module measures 12.7x25.4x3.3 mm and is certified for operation under European radio regulations for license-free use. A line-of-sight range of 800 metres can be achieved with a quarter-wave antenna.


Image: Radiocrafts AS

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