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RS-485 Relay Board for ElektorBus in Stock Now

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
RS-485 Relay Board for ElektorBus in Stock Now
RS-485 Relay Board for ElektorBus in Stock Now

Our ElektorBus series has shown how much interest there is in home automation applications. So far, the ElektorBus project has centered around hardware and software for experimental and development purposes. We will now start to move toward a more finished system, in particular looking at home automation applications.


The RS-485 switchboard published in Elektor’s April 2012 issue is designed to switch two AC (230 V) loads and to read the state of two switches. The module is compact and based on an ATmega88 and an LT1785 RS-485 driver, the same ICs as we used in the ElektorBus experimental node. Demonstration software that talks the ElektorBus protocol is available for download.


The board works with the ElektorBus but can, of course, also be used in other projects. It is an ideal building block for a home automation system controlled from a PC, tablet, or smartphone. To keep the board compact, we have used SMD components. The circular shape enables installation in an enclosure with a diameter of 60 mm.


The RS-485 relay module is available ready-built from Elektor for just $64.60. Order a bundle of three and receive a 12% discount. Take advantage of these savings, and visit the Elektor Shop!


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