Russian K155ID1 drivers "complete with KGB-instigated hacking interface"

May 16, 2018 | 14:00
6-Digit GPS Synchronized Nixie Clock Each medal has a flip side; each mountain, a north-facing slope. The darkest side of YouTube's mass of videos is too often the bevy of rants and negative comments. Here's a pleasant exception, brilliant, and jubilant,  from Marco Reps, about Elektor Labs' 6-Digit GPS Synchronized Nixie Clock published in Elektor Magazine edition 5/2016 on page 56, now available as a DIY kit in the Elektor Store.

GPS accuracy with the charm of vintage Nixies

From his first to the last shot, the maker of the video adopts clever angles, some totally unexpected. Now he's pretending to go astray, then he screws up completely, but with such aplomb! You will love it.
Watch carefully and you will understand why Marco himself comments : "This is one of the rare cases where the video editing was more difficult than the actual doing".

Talking about commenting, here’s a selection of viewer’s telative ah's and oh's:
– "I fricking (sic) love your vids. Your humor combined with great visuals and really interesting projects is just amazing content. Thank you!"
– "Excellent editing skills and a great kit. It must have taken a lot of care and time to achieve the effect of the PCB self-populating"
– "You have fantastic voice, as ham radio operators says BBC audio voice perfect for narration."
– "4:12 I tried that and burned my hand and legs!"
– "Methinks the nixie driver ICs are not 74141s but Russian K155ID1s - complete with KGB-instigated hacking interfaces..."
– "You're a monster! What sane person opens a box like that?"

Now you're warned... it's time to watch!
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