The figures are in for 2017and it looks like year-on-year growth in the global semiconductor industry is up by 21.7% amounting to $ 429 billion revenue. The top 10 companies alone were responsible for 58.5% of the total market supply with revenue of $ 251 billion.
Listed here are the sales in billions of dollars for the top 10 global semiconductor suppliers according to IHS Markit:
  1. Samsung  62.0
  2. Intel  61.4
  3. SK Hynix  26.6
  4. Micron  22.8
  5. Broadcom  17.4
  6. Qualcomm  16.9
  7. Texas Instr.  14.5
  8. Toshiba  11.9
  9. NXP  8.9
  10. nVidia  8.6
One interesting aspect is that the Korean electronics giant Samsung has finally managed to knock Intel off pole position in this list… just. These two rivals alone accounted for almost 50% of total sales of the top 10 companies. At 81% SK Hynix achieved the biggest increase by any supplier followed closely by Micron at almost 80%. NXP witnessed a downturn of almost 5% and Qualcomm achieved a below-average performance at just under 10%. NXP was the sole European semiconductor supplier in the list, finishing ninth.