Simple modular system for Raspberry Pi and others

March 29, 2017 | 20:47
Simple modular system for Raspberry Pi and others
Simple modular system for Raspberry Pi and others
Do you remember an invention called the backplane? It allowed you to interconnect boards in a few seconds. One, two, three, ten boards or more…. oh... that seems a long time ago. Well, it’s back and it allows you to interconnect anything and everything to develop prototypes or produce finished products. It’s called Atomo and it has 4 common denominators: : control, input-output (IO), power and connectors. 

No more breadboards, no more rats nests of wires, but a solid electrical and mechanical configuration which standardizes what does not change from one circuit to another.

Most of the boards that you keep are for reusing and profiting from the experience that you have acquired. Not to endlessly remake the same cabling – the configurations of input/output are always much the same. Ok, you need a few different (3.3 V, 5 V, and 12 V) power supplies depending on the circumstances, but overall you take the same and start again.

This project centers around the Atomo boards, compatible with the Raspberry Pi and its HAT connector; you can consider Atomo as a modular HAT. The same goes for Arduino. Development for mbed is in progress.

This remarkable and sensible project is the subject of a crowd funding campaign
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