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SPI/I2C Isolator Features 6 Channels

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
SPI/I2C Isolator Features 6 Channels
SPI/I2C Isolator Features 6 Channels

In industrial systems applications, ground potentials can vary widely, often exceeding the tolerable range, which can interrupt communications or even destroy components. The new integrated circuit LTM2883 from Linear Technology, a 6-channel SPI/Digital or I2C digital μModule isolator with triple rail regulated power for 3.3V and 5V systems, breaks ground loops by electrically separating communications signals, isolating the logic level interface on each side of an internal inductive isolation barrier that withstands a very large common-mode voltage range up to 2,500VRMS.


The chip's low EMI isolated DC-DC converter powers the communications interface and provides adjustable 5V, +12.5V, and -12.5V supply outputs, ideal for powering data converters in data acquisition systems. With 2,500VRMS of galvanic isolation, onboard secondary power and a communications interface operating at up to 20Mbps, the LTM2883 requires no external components and provides a simple μModule solution for isolated data communications.

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