Summer Deal: Elektor Bestseller on DSP at a £7 Discount

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Summer Deal: Elektor Bestseller on DSP at a £7 Discount
Summer Deal: Elektor Bestseller on DSP at a £7 Discount

This practical and accessible text on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is an excellent companion when delving into the world of discrete time signals and their use in microcontroller based systems. Presented with minimal mathematical treatment and supported by functional, constructive examples and tried & tested microcontroller programs, author Dogan Ibrahim empowers readers to design and implement DSP algorithms using popular PIC microcontrollers.


This book (428 pages) is perfect for undergraduate students looking to use DSP theory to create an impressive Final Year project. Postgraduates should find it exemplary when attempting advanced DSP based projects. In fact, everyone working with, or wanting to learn about, intelligent DSP based systems should have the book on his or her shelf. 


The book features:

• Revision of the number theory used in DSP applications

• Examples of currently available DSP development systems

• Revision of the popular mikroC Pro for PIC language used in the book

• Time and frequency domain analysis and processing of discrete time signals using Matlab, including digital convolution and Discrete Fourier Transforms

• Design of practical digital FIR filters using standard microcontrollers

• Design of practical digital IIR filters using standard microcontrollers

• Brief introduction to dedicated DSP chips


As an Elektor GREEN or GOLD Member, you receive a £7 discount when you purchase a copy of this book before July 30, 2013. What's more, we pay shipping and handling. Don’t let this great offer DiSaPpear!

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