NXP invites you to your own front row seat to the racing action, where you can catch up on the leaderboard, the drama that comes with a team project and the amazing tech that brings it all to life. We’ll keep you dialed into progress from the early qualifying round in Casablanca to the lowering of the checkered flag in Erlangen, Germany.   
The NXP Cup is an automotive-based racing challenge that is open to highly motivated student teams that seek to gain experience and skills in the exciting world of automotive development. NXP cup has been bringing up the best and the brightest for the last 7 years through a competition focused on intelligent racing.

Contestants from more than 50 EMEA universities have joined this fast-moving competition, picking up valuable skills in one of the hottest areas in technology, automotive development. The teams have created their own autonomous intelligent cars with the support of automotive professionals from around the world using the Alamak car kit provided by NXP and its hardware partner Landzo. The kit includes motors, unibody chassis, motor control and power board and a single scan camera.

The NXP Cup will help you:
  • Develop Your Network
Get support from top engineers and learn in a real work environment. Make contact with the #1 automotive semiconductor supplier and build the skills to help you in the global automotive marketplace
  • Gain Professional Experience
Become an expert in one of the hottest topics in automotive industry.
  • Learn Teamwork
Work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Acquire New Competences
From hardware to software to propel and steer your car.

The event will start with qualifying rounds in early March in Casablanca. The Finals will take place in Erlangen, Germany.
To find out more check out the NXP Cup website.