A well-equipped electronics lab often contains several power supplies, multimeters, various pieces of test equipment and tools. Having all these instruments ends up being expensive, and taking up a lot of space. In this week’s video, discover the new book, The Arduino-Inside Measurement Lab, by Burkhard Kainka, where another approach is explored. As you can see in the video below, the book shows how to transform the humble Arduino Nano into a multi-functional measurement tool, able to perform many different tasks.

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The book starts by introducing the concept of a universal measuring system. For learning projects that don’t involve high frequencies, it focuses on the Arduino Nano's ability to serve as an oscilloscope and signal generator. The author then provides several Arduino sketches for more measurement possibilities, helping readers understand typical measurement methods, while paying attention to measurement errors and practical limits, particularly for applications needing more bandwidth.

Further chapters show a software measurement interface that extends the Nano's capabilities with dual-channel operation, DDS signal generation, and creating adjustable voltage sources, to maximize the potential of the project without needing extra hardware. The book provides practical examples and real-world applications, in particular in projects using operational amplifiers. Check out the book in the Elektor Store and watch the video below:

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