The Elektor Bus Has Arrived

May 21, 2015 | 11:22
Perhaps the driver was making a "bit stop"...
Perhaps the driver was making a "bit stop"...
Sure, the Elektor Bus was covered extensively in a series of articles in the magazine and these publications did not fail to draw good attention from electronics fans out there. With so much coverage of the Elektor Bus at the abstract & intelligent levels (like programming bits and bytes) we were delighted to see the real thing arrive at Elektor House recently and dashed out to make some snapshots of the vehicle.

Craftily disguised as a fully restored Kassbohrer Setra deluxe coach from about 1960, the Elektor Bus has a Spartan driver position for Bus Coordinator Jens Nickel. It’s where he can take the enormous steering wheel and regret the absence of power steering, satnav, and air conditioning. There was a Grundig MP1960 real-time audio device on the Bus however, connected using the 43-w-i-r-e protocol. On the programming level, the Elektor Bus Passenger and Driver Protocols are posted inside the bus for all to notice. Printed in stern German, they leave no room for doubts and should be considered ClosedSource.

At the time of taking the pictures, all Bus Devices had left their seats and were out on the grounds, mostly obeying a Refresh command, possibly after a Bus Conflict. We wonder what the next stop will be, and who will be on the Bus next time it calls at Elektor House. Is there a schedule at all?

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