With the first Camera Module being released for the Raspberry Pi in 2013, they upgraded their line in 2016. Now, in 2023, Raspberry Pi announced on the 9th of January that they’re releasing a new series of cameras called the Camera Module 3. With advanced logistical preparation clearly having been made in advance, no sooner was the announcement made than the camera was already shipping from suppliers around the world.

Of course, I have mine on my desk ready to be tested and reviewed.
The new Camera Module 3 series comes in regular and wide angle, in both IR-filtered and NoIR variants.
There are four variants of the Camera Module 3: the regular, the Wide, the NoIR, and the NoIR Wide. I didn't order a Wide NoIR because I thought it would be possible to borrow a lens from the Wide, but looking at it here, it might not be advisable to try and remove the lens, which seems a little more integrated than the earlier models.

As you see in the image, the NoIR comes with the optional infrared filter, as is customary.

While you can expect a more thorough review from us soon, the big-picture items to look forward to are:
  • A larger, 12-megapixel (4608×2592) IMX708 Quad Bayer Sony sensor
  • A fast autofocus, which can also be a manual focus, supported by special software commands
  • The regular 75-degree or a 120-degree wide-angle lens
  • Impressive night-vision with the NoIR and infrared lighting
  • An HDR mode that provides you with up to 3-megapixel snaps
  • Same small form-factor as the earlier camera modules

While we put these impressive electronic eyes through their paces, have a look at some of the very impressive sample images supplied by Raspberry Pi.
Camera Module 3 sample image - Nature
Nature. Source: Raspberry Pi
Camera Module 3 sample image - Wide-Angle Street Scene
Wide-angle street scene. Source: Raspberry Pi
Camera Module 3 sample image - Castle
Castle. Source: Raspberry Pi

Camera Module 3 sample image - Raspberry Pi
Still life. Source: Raspberry Pi.

If you have one of these Camera Modules, show us your best work!

If not, stay tuned — we look forward to seeing what we can do with them!