The Tektronix source measurement unit: reclaim your bench space

November 2, 2016 | 00:25
The tektronix/Keithley Source Measure unit
The tektronix/Keithley Source Measure unit
Any testing more complex than simple load voltage or current values will generally require a whole host of equipment on the test bench in addition to the devices needed to make the measurements. To simplify testing Keithley, a Tektronix company, has combined the functions of all the necessary equipment into just one unit.

When you need to capture the electrical characteristics of a device or precisely measure values of I, V or resistance you at least need a DMM and often, a (controllable) voltage and current source and an electronic load. The Source Measure Unit from Keithley/Tektronix, combines all these instruments into one unit. In the past you would have needed to setup four instruments to carry out the measurements, now they are all integrated into one.
Typical application examples:
  1. V-I characteristics of two-terminal devices.
    1. Sweep source voltage while simultaneously measuring current ranging over many decades (10–11 A to 1 A).
    2. Generate V-I curves without the need to program or synchronize additional equipment.
  1. V-I characteristics of three-terminal devices.
    1. Graph a series of V-I curves for devices such as MOSFETs etc.
    2. No requirement to setup, synchronize or program any additional equipment.
  1. Resistance Measurements
    1. Source/Sink high levels of current when measuring high current and voltage into low-impedance loads.
    2. One space-saving instrument that greatly simplifies testing.
  1. Efficiency Measurements
    1. Measurement of input and output power of devices under test.
    2. One space-saving instrument that greatly simplifies testing.
For more information go to: Source Measure Unit from Keithley/Tektronix
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