The new Elektor book Circuit Simulation with TINA Design Suite & TINACloud by top-selling Elektor author, Prof. Dr. Dogan Ibrahim teaches the design and analysis of electrical and electronic circuits and how to develop printed circuits boards (PCBs) using both TINA and TINACloud. The book includes a one-year license of TINACloud Basic Edition.

TINA Design Suite is a professional, powerful and affordable circuit simulator. It is a circuit designer and PCB design software package in one. With it you can analyse and design analog, digital, and mixed electronic circuits and their PCB layouts. TINA also supports IBIS, VHDL, Verilog, Verilog AMS, and SystemC.

A Practical Approach to TINA & TINACloud

The book is aimed at electrical/electronic engineers, students, teachers, and hobbyists. Many tested and working simulation examples are provided covering most fields of analog and digital circuit design. These include AC- and DC circuits, diodes, zener diodes, transistor circuits, operational amplifiers, ladder diagrams, 3-phase circuits, mutual inductance, rectifier circuits, oscillators, active and passive filter circuits, digital logic, VHDL, MCUs, switch-mode power supplies, PCB design, Fourier series, and spectrum. Readers do not need to have any programming experience unless they wish to simulate complex MCU circuits.

In this video Asma takes you on a tour through the book.