Transistor arrays go low-power too

March 8, 2016 | 10:04
Transistor arrays go low-power too
Transistor arrays go low-power too
ULN2003-type of transistor arrays that provide seven or eight power transistors in a DIP to control relays, motors and lamps have been popular for ages. Built around bipolar transistors they usually can switch up to around 500 mA per output. Now there is a new low-power family that uses MOSFETs instead. The new generation of transistor arrays from Toshiba employs DMOS FET in its output drivers. The TBD62783A series, intended for high-side switching, succeeds the TD62783 series of bipolar transistor arrays, cutting power loss by about 40%. A complementary family intended for low-side switching, the TBD62083A, is available as a successor to the TD62083 series. The new devices operate without a base current, reducing input currents. In combination with their ability to accept high current densities while maintaining low on-resistance, the DMOS FET devices increase efficiency and ensure reduced power losses. All devices support high-voltage, large-current drive with absolute maximum...

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