If you need a Mini PC that’s both cheap and insanely powerful, look no further.
The UDOO X86, live on Kickstarter, is both the Most Powerful Maker Board Ever and an Arduino 101-compatible platform: all for an irresistible starting price of $89.
The UDOO X86’s unrivaled power will astonish you. With an Intel Quad Core processor--up to 2.56 GHz, a new, 8th-generation graphics engine and up to 8 GB of RAM--the UDOO X86 turns out to be 10 times more powerful than Raspberry Pi 3, even faster than many netbooks on the market and a uniquely tempting PC replacement.
In terms of flexibility, this Mini PC is awesome: it runs Linux, Windows or Android and can do pretty much anything you want, even driving three 4K monitors at the same time. Options like SATA, eMMC, M.2 SSD, Micro SD card reader and 3 USB 3.0 give true freedom of expansion.
Not to mention the 100% Arduino compatibility! The UDOO X86 embeds an Arduino 101-compatible microcontroller onboard, with Bluetooth Low Energy and 6-axis motion sensors. It is 100% compatible with all Arduino Uno shields, sensors and actuators and can run the Arduino IDE.
The range of applications is stunning: from video streaming (Netflix, Amazon Instant Videos and so on), 2D and 3D videogames to professional development platforms and graphical editors.
The motto of the team behind UDOO X86 is “With UDOO there’s nothing you can’t do.”
The UDOO X86 is open-source, open-hardware and supports both multiboot and boot from everywhere.
The UDOO X86 has already hit its $100,000 funding goal in just 7 hours as well as its 1st Stretch Goal, set at $500,000, and it’s still growing!

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