Coming up with creative ways to advertise the merits of a new product is not easy, especially when the product is not too exciting like washing powder or piezo actuators. Fortunately, boring products can be supported by big budgets, especially when they target huge markets like the mobile phone industry, allowing the marketing department to do something “cool” to overcome the dullness of the product.

The new ultra-thin PiezoHapt actuator from TDK is such a product even though it features an exciting response time of just 4 ms which, apparently, is short for such devices. The actuator consists of a multilayer piezo element bonded to one side of a 80 x 60 mm vibration plate. With a thickness of 0.35 mm the actuator is much thinner than conventional eccentric rotary motors and linear resonant actuators, making it one of the world's thinnest haptic devices (according to TDK).

Soon playing in a smartphone in your pocket

Okay, so we are talking about a device intended to replace vibration motors in mobile phones (haptic feedback). It is important to understand this because it adds a little sense to the product video that forgets to mention this important detail. But hey, who cares for useful information when the music is that good? Luckily the marketing budget lasted only 30 seconds.