MyVolvo, do you copy?

May 31, 2016 | 00:00
MyVolvo, do you copy?
MyVolvo, do you copy?
Microsoft and Volvo are working together on a system which allows a Volvo car to respond to commands issued by the user/owner (hopefully) using the Microsoft Band 2 wearable. Car control by voice appears to be rapidly-growing space. 

Specific Volvo cars and users of the Microsoft Band 2 will be able to control the locks, start the car, activate the heater, or set the navigation, all using their voice.
To achieve this, Microsoft's app for the Band 2 will integrate with Volvo's On Call mobile app. Volvo has delved into control of its vehicles from wearables in the past. The automotive giant has applications for both the Apple Watch and Android Wear which can perform similar functions as the Microsoft Band 2 integration; albeit without the voice control abilities. 

Volvo does not have a techie attitude towards the system, claiming that “When innovating, we are not interested in technology for the sake of technology. If a technology does not make a customer’s life easier, better, safer or more fun, we don’t use it. Let’s face it – who hasn’t dreamed of talking to their car via a wrist-worn wearable?" Personally, I  have not — my sweet dreams are about owning a Volvo to begin with.
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