In good psychedelic fashion, singer Kevin Parker from Tame Impala usually performs barefooted. I’m not sure if he’d want a pair, but the latest Converse sneakers have built-in wah-wah guitar sound processing from CuteCircuit so you don’t need the pedal anymore.

Aptly named All Wah, the sneakers type "high-top Chuck Taylor" function just like a traditional wah-wah pedal, and can be connected to an amp and guitar using the dual plugs on the side of the shoes. It then uses microsensor technology to track the flex of the sole, and communicates wirelessly with a wah box over Bluetooth. The special sensors convert a guitarist’s foot movements into wah modulation — push down for treble, lift up for more bass.

Feel free to ditch the cables and sync the All Wah up to a Mac or iPhone instead. A 3.7-V battery located in the right sneaker can be recharged wirelessly when placed atop the wah box, while a touch sensor on its side turns the system on/off.

Don’t rush off to the shops or e-bay. So far, only 23 pairs have been made, and Converse has not revealed if or when they will go on sale.

Check out Dinosauer Junior's guitarist J Mascis test driving the All Wah:

And then the official promo video from Converse / CuteCircuits. Specially recommended: Voodoo Chile @ 1:41.