Debates about ethics between engineers, activists, politicians, and entrepreneurs are gaining importance throughout the electronics industry. As the first mover in this domain, Elektor is launching the pioneer edition of the World Ethical Electronics Forum (WEEF). Join us on November 18 during productronica 2021 for a live online and onsite talk show, lively discussions, and thought-provoking presentations about business ethics, machine learning for good, sofware ethics, SDGs, and more.

Want to participate in WEEF 2021? Register today for the pioneer event, which will feature a live online and onsite talk show. Plus, youc can submit questions for the speakers and take new polls about ethical electronics (see below)! 
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Register for WEEF 2021

WEEF 2021 will enable several electronics industry thought leaders to share their thoughts about key ethics-related topics. Want to attend WEEF 2021? Check out the WEEF 2021 program and register now!

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Submit Questions for the WEEF Speakers

You can participate in the WEEF 2021 discussion. To help make the discussions and debates at WEEF 2021 extra lively, please send us your questions. The WEEF team will collect the submissions and ask the speakers to address the most relevant questions on November 18. We welcome questions about wide range of topics, including: Eco-friendly electronics manufacturing, e-waste management solutions, the importance of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the social impact of AI and machine learning, green electronics, low-power electronic design, social impact projects, and CSR initiatives.
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Share Your Thoughts: Take Our Polls

We recently published four new polls on Twitter about ethics-related topics. Please contribute your opinions! 
  • What should governments do to enforce more ethical behavior in the electronics industry? Submit Your Answer
  • What do you think about a "put your money where your mouth is" approach to ethical behavior? Submit Your Answer
  • Should electronics makers and start-ups play a role in making the electronics industry more ethical? Submit Your Answer
  • Should electronics companies feel obligated to publish details about their ethical codes on their websites? Submit Your Answer
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We look forward to your input!