Wireless home automation devices build on DECT technology

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Wireless home automation devices build on DECT technology
Wireless home automation devices build on DECT technology

The SmartPulse™ family of DECT-based wireless sensors and base station devices from Dialog Semiconductor facilitate the creation of wireless sensor networks for home automation, security, health care and energy monitoring applications. DECT is an established technology that provides whole-house coverage, and SmartPulse with DECT ULE builds on this legacy. Its  simple star networks can be used for a variety of home automation applications.


Systems running SmartPulse sensors can self-configure with a home’s DECT / DECT ULE hub or internet gateway, allowing connected systems to be managed over the web using a smartphone, laptop or tablet PC. Additionally, the sleep mode of DECT ULE enables a wide range of new wireless consumer products that run for up to 10 years on a single AAA battery pack.


The first wireless sensors in the family,  SC14WSMDATA (for data) and SC14WSMDECT (for data and audio) use the DECT ULE standard and integrate the baseband logic, radio transceiver and power amplifier in a single package. The family also includes a DECT ULE enabled base station device (SC14CVMDECT). All three SmartPulse devices feature a user-friendly AT command set for configuring wireless links between multiple sensors and the base station, eliminating the need for a detailed understanding of the DECT protocol.


To help accelerate OEM product development, Dialog has created complete development kits for all SmartPulse devices and a SmartPulse DECT IP base station reference design supporting Internet connectivity. This design is supported by Dialog’s Rhea μClinux based VoIP software development environment.


Image: Dialog Semiconductor

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