WIZnet is back with a new TOE (TCP/IP Offload Ethernet) Design Contest. The aim of this contest is to promote the high-performance W5300. Designers and developers can reduce the processing burden on the main processor and improve the overall performance of their IoT system by taking advantage of WIZnet’s TCP/IP Offload Engine. This TOE Design Contest will run from March 16, 2023 till July 20, 2023.

Winners will be announced by August 8, 2023, and will receive cash prices of 30,000 USD in total.
  • 2 winners x 1st prize – 5,000 USD each
  • 4 winners x 2nd prize – 2,500 USD each
  • 10 winners x 3rd prize – 1,000 USD each
WIZnet TOE Design Contest

The W5300 network controller chip by WIZnet is a high-performance solution for embedded Internet connectivity. With its built-in hardwired TCP/IP stack, the W5300 provides reliable, fast, and efficient internet connectivity for a wide range of embedded applications.

Here are the key features of the W5300

  • Supports 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, which ensures fast and efficient data transfer.
  • 8 independent sockets to enable concurrent connections of multiple devices
  • Built-in hardware TCP/IP stack that eliminates developing TCP/IP codes from scratch.
  • Supports IPv4, TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP, IGMP, and PPPoE
  • 8/16-bit parallel bus interface for high performance in applications that require real-time data processing and communication.

From March 16th to May 20th, W5300-TOE-Shield and the W5300 chip will be sold at discounted prices while shipping will be covered by WIZnet (duties are paid by customer if applicable).

The judging criteria for the contest include 1. originality 2. creativity, 3. technical complexity, and 4. practicality of the solution. Winners will receive cash prizes and recognition on our maker.wiznet.io community website along with social media posts.
WIZnet’s design contests are an excellent opportunity for individuals and teams to gain exposure in the IoT space. Participants can network with like-minded professionals and gain recognition for their innovative solutions, which, in turn, can lead to new business opportunities and partnerships.

We wish you all good luck!

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