Your turn to shoot!

September 7, 2017 | 09:11
Take one! Action!
Join the Elektor Video Olympics with your own original video production and win one of many exciting prices: Dremel 3D Printer, PicoScope 2208B MSO, LabNation SmartScope, Andonstar HDMI microscope, and more.
Refrain from imitating: shoot your own video covering an Elektor project of your choice. One you built yourself, or one you read about in Elektor Magazine. Never mind whether you liked or hated it, whether you tweaked it or kept it in its original form, even if you got it working or if you destroyed it. What matters is your experience on video. The goal is to collect many many “Likes” on YouTube. 

Capture your Elektor

To participate, you merely need a smartphone or any other vidcam you like. Above all use your imagination and show your love for practical electronics. The way you’ll approach the subject is up to you Just make it simple, thrilling and original. We would like to see electronics in action, with components, lab instruments, boards and whatever makes you happy. 
Terms & conditions

Some limitations apply

  • Length: 5 min or less
  • 100% copyrightfree image & sound (subtle quoting allowed)
  • written or spoken language should be English, Dutch, French or German
  • file must be playable with VLC Media Player (preferably HD 1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • submit file through WeTransfer to (not by email)
  • deadline: December 1st 2017
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