The Dutch startup The Archimedes launched the Liam F1, a mini wind turbine with a 1,5 KW output generator. With its design based on a nautilus shell it noiselessly generates electricity which makes it suitable for residential use.

The turbine is designed by the company's CTO Marinus Mieremet. He studied the works of engineer Archimedes and was inspired by the ancient Greek's interest in natural forms especially that of the Nautilus shell. Mieremet: "Calculations on natural forms such as the nautilus shell almost always lead to the golden ratio. All proportions are in balance. Natural beauty always follows the laws of the golden ratio. And we succeeded in applying these laws into the design of our windturbine.”

The shell's inspirational form has led not only to a pleasing looking electricity generator but also one with a high yield. Mieremet: “Generally speaking, there is a difference in pressure in front and behind of the rotor blades of a windmill. However, this is not the case with the Liam F1. The difference in pressure is created by the spatial figure in the spiral blade. This results in a much better performance. Even when the wind is blowing at an angle of 60 degrees into the rotor, it will start to spin. We do not require expensive software: because of its conical shape, the wind turbine yaws itself automatically into the optimal wind direction. Just like a wind vane. And because the wind turbine encounters minimal resistance, it is virtually silent.”

A week after the market introduction of the Liam F1, the startup launched a crowdfunding campaign to develop two mini marine wind turbines for sailing ships. The unique feature of these yet-to-be turbines is their weight. Wind velocity increases with increasing height but regular marine turbines are too heavy to be mounted on top of the mast. The designers of The Archimedes marine turbines will therefore focus on weight reduction. And just as with the Liam F1, a low noise level is a priority.

The campaign runs on the Symbid platform where funders can participate by buying shares in the company or by pledge-based product pre-orders.