Boeing Sugar Volt Concept

August 5, 2010 | 07:39
Boeing Sugar Volt Concept
Boeing Sugar Volt Concept
Boeing is taking the future serious and 'leaks' concepts and futuristic designs to the press regularly. The SUGAR gives us a glance into the future of aviation. Boeing's Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research (SUGAR) Volt concept was borne out of the same NASA research program that gave birth to MIT's “double bubble” concept, the SUGAR Volt is a twin-engine aircraft design notable for its trussed, elongated wings and electric battery gas turbine hybrid propulsion system – a system designed to reduce fuel burn by more than 70 percent and total energy use by 55 percent. Could this be the future shape of commercial air transportation?

The SUGAR Volt (a choice of name that Chevrolet might have something to say about) is envisioned as running on either fuel or electricity and could include hinges in the wing design so that they could be folded when on the ground. It is designed to fly at Mach 0.79, carry 154 passengers over a range of 3,500 nautical miles and achieve shorter takeoff distance.


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