, a Dutch boat building company. What caught my eye weren't the beautiful boats and canoes MacBoat had on display, but a stunning wooden single-fin 7"6 surfboard.

The wooden surfboard turned out to be handcrafted, just like the boats and canoes. The board is a little heavier than a conventional epoxy or fiberglass board but it's unbreakable and undingable. It requires no maintnance and will last you a lifetime, if not longer. And, according to Simon, it performs quite well.

It turned out Simon of MacBoat organizes courses 'how to build your own wooden surfboard'. In this 5-day course you will shape your own board out of wooden strips. It doesn't matter if you're a beginning surfer or a pro and shaping experience is not required. MacBoat has three models in stock; a shortboard, a mini-mal and a longboard. The complete production process is nature friendly, using only renewable materials. A conventional surfboard leaves a huge ecological footprint and requires a lot of chemicals and resin during production. Some surfboard shapers begin to realize this and are taking steps to find alternative production methods.

Simon invited Tech the Future to the MacBoat workshop to attend the course and maybe even try to surf the MacBoat surfboard. I will keep you posted on this one :)