Cargo Bike

July 14, 2010 | 06:00
Cargo Bike
Cargo Bike
Check out this lovely cargo bike, another design by TU-Delft students. These kind of bikes are getting more popular by the day and prove to be a great way to transport goods in urban environments.

'A practical solution for transport of goods over short distances', according to designers Louis Pierre Geerninckx and Onno Sminia. The cargo bike is driven by two people and an electro motor gives some extra support when needed. The bike offers the same amount of space as your average cargo van; it's 3 meters long, one meter wide and two meters high.

The design was born out of frustration. Students (in the Netherlands) tend to move a lot from room to room. When transporting heavy furniture, sometimes over very short distances, they need to rent a car or van. In these cases renting the cargo bike would be a perfect alternative.

The city of Delft will be the first to buy these, as soon as they hit the market, and use them for urban distribution purposes.

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