There you are, with your brand new Tesla roadster EV. Driving around with the top off, looking great. Until you run out of power of course. Seriously, how uncool is it to recharge your electric vehicle using such an old technology as a socket and plug.

United States based company Evatran just made the lifes of electric vehicle owners a bit easier. The company introduced a prototype for an EV charger that works without plugs, cables or a flow of electricity between the vehicle and the charger. The system works by induction; to recharge your EV all you have to do is park it on the charging platform. An adapter fitted to the vehicle and the parking block both contain metal coils that become aligned by magnetic sensors. The control tower for the charging station converts electricity into the right frequency for the charger and when the coils are aligned, the electricity creates a strong magnetic field in the parking block's coils that induces a flow of electricity in the coils in the vehicle's adapter, which charges the battery.

Evatran expects to release the product in april 2011.

Via EcoGeek