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Collapsus: The World After 'Peak Oil'

April 3, 2010 | 18:25
Collapsus: The World After 'Peak Oil'
Collapsus: The World After 'Peak Oil'
Collapsus is a Dutch produced 'hybrid storytelling' interactive movie / game. In Collapsus we get a glimpse of the future. The world after 'peak oil'; the moment oil production reaches it's peak. The oil industry can't provide enough energy for the growing demand. Collapsus sketches the expected effects on our society. Through different characters we experience the first large scale black-outs.

I love the cool mix of animation and filmed material. Feels like film noir a bit. And of course you got to love the terrible accents :D

Visit Collapsus.com to watch / play Collapsus

Via Nalden.net
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