Dutch Researcher Develops Catalyst For Clean Water

June 18, 2010 | 11:53
Dutch Researcher Develops Catalyst For Clean Water
Dutch Researcher Develops Catalyst For Clean Water
University of Twente researcher Jitendra Kumar Chinthaginjala developed a catalyst that efficiently removes nitrite and nitrate from drinking water. These two toxins are increasingly common in drinking water in many agricultural areas. The catalyst converts nitrite and nitrate into harmless nitrogen using hydrogen.

In areas of intensive farming and over-fertilization, contamination of groundwater with nitrate and nitrite is a growing problem. Nitrite and nitrate are difficult to remove with current technologies. At present, nitrite and nitrate pollution is still manageable, but intensive farming will change that over the next five to ten years. The new catalyst can be used in water treatment plants around the world.


The catalyst consists of a solid substance onto which nanoparticles of palladium or platinum are attached. On the surface of these nanoparticles nitrite and nitrate are converted to nitrogen. Because the particles are attatched to a solid substance, the toxic parts are easily removed from the water.

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