#EcoMonday tip 18: Paint Your Roof White!

July 26, 2010 | 10:38
#EcoMonday tip 18: Paint Your Roof White!
#EcoMonday tip 18: Paint Your Roof White!
All you need for this #EcoMonday tip is a bucket of paint and a ladder. Climb the roof, paint it white, enjoy a cool roof and a smaller carbon footprint.

A recent study, conducted by people from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, suggests it really works. 'Lightening-up roofs and pavement can offset 57 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide, about double the amount the world emitted in 2006'. That's quite a ridiculous number. Another one: turning ALL roofs white would compare to taking 300 million cars off the road, emission-wise. Not that I believe it's very likely all roofs could be made white, but hey, huge numbers seem to wake up the internet crowds :P.

The way it works is pretty straightforward: whiter means more reflection of sun rays, and less absorption. Away with Urban Heat Islands!
» Read more at PopSci
» Or the Berkely Lab press release
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