Interested in how Elektor engineers and community members test and repair electronics? Join us for Elektor LabTalk #18! On Thursday, May 23 at 16:00 CEST (10:00 am EDT / 14:00 UTC), Elektor editors Jens Nickel and Brian Tristam Williams will be joined by Elektor engineer Saad Imtiaz. Our theme for the May/June edition of Elektor Mag is Test and Measurement, and in this edition of Elektor Lab Talk we’ll chat about that, repair, and exciting new projects. Register now and add the event to your calendar!

Elektor Lab Talk 18 - Test, Measure, and Repair

Test, Measure, and Repair Electronics

During the show, we will cover the following test, measurement, and repair topics and much more:

  • Featured Articles in Elektor May/June 2024: We’ll highlight the content of the latest Elektor Mag, showcasing the diverse and rich content we have for you, including the AmpVolt Modular DC Power Meter, an in-circuit LC meter, a 10 MHz reference generator, and an interview with Eben Upton (CEO, Raspberry Pi).
  • Repairing Stuff: Repairing electronics will come under the spotlight, and we’ll discuss repair techniques, share tips (not from our soldering irons), and chat about the importance of repair in today’s throwaway culture.
  • The ESP32 Energy Meter: We’ll present the new circuit and PCB for the ESP32 Energy Meter featured in the latest issue, and Saad will go over its design and functionality. Additionally, we’ll discuss its integration with Home Assistant and preview the next part of his article, coming in July!
  • Elektor Circuit Special 2024: We’ll take a sneak peek at some of the interesting projects we already have in our big Circuit Special edition coming this August! Saad has another design on the way, called the Versatile Load project, plus details on a couple of other favorites of ours.
  • Giveaway: Don't miss out on our special giveaway! Tune in to find out how you can participate and win a coveted prize. We will give away three Elektor MultiCalculator kits!

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