Elektor Launches Community Site To Share Electronics Projects

May 9, 2012 | 14:13
Electronics magazine Elektor announced a new community website —Elektor Projects—  this week. At Elektor Projects members can share electronics projects, give each other feedback and vote for projects. Popular projects can get support from the Elektor team and have a good chance on publication in the printed Elektor Magazine. Successfully finished projects can be made available through Elektor's web shop.

Basically, the site enables you to work on projects with people from all over the world and get involved in some distributed hacking and tweaking. You can build a reputation by showing off your skills in projects, contributions, comments, games and contests. And if your project is upvoted by your peers you may get a printed publication and the opportunity to sell the end product through the web shop.

Join the the Elektor community!
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