Get Your Own Personal Hydrogen Station and Fuel Cell

August 1, 2012 | 10:50
Get Your Own Personal Hydrogen Station and Fuel Cell
Get Your Own Personal Hydrogen Station and Fuel Cell
The world’s first personal hydrogen station is now available in stores the Singapore-based fuel cell company Horizon announced.

Horizon is offering a small-scale  hydrogen system consisting of the Minipak portable power device, Hydrostik cartridges and  the Hydrofill which enables you to safely generate your own hydrogen at home.

The Minipak produces electricity on the go and can be used as a universal charger for all those power-hungry mobile gadgets. At its core is a passive air-breathing fuel cell converting hydrogen and oxygen into electricity. The Minipak DC power output is up to 2W.

The hydrogen fueling the cell is supplied by the Hydrostik refillable cartridge. Because hydrogen is stored in a solid state the pressure inside the canister is low allowing the Hydrostik to be safely transported and exposed to temperatures of over 60C (140F).

Each container stores 10L of hydrogen supplying 11Wh of energy.

But the coolest part of the system is the Hydrofill. This micro-electrolyzer separates  de-ionized or distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen. The gaseous hydrogen is sent to the Hydrostik where it is absorbed in reversible metal hydride and the chemical energy is stored without loss indefinitely. The input voltage is 11V, and it takes three hours  to charge a cartridge.

The Hydrofill can draw power from the grid but it can also be turned into a true autonomous power system by connecting it to a small solar cell or wind turbine.

The hydrogen system’s entrance to the consumer market suffered a two year delay since it was first announced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. On the bright side the company realized a significant cost reduction of the Hydrofill as the retail price has been cut in half from $499 to $249. The Minipak is made available at its original price of $99.

Via: Horizon
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