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Go Green With Treemagotchi

May 6, 2010 | 16:21
Go Green With Treemagotchi
Go Green With Treemagotchi
Today I had an interesting conversation with Mark Hillen who told me about Treemagotchi, an initiative he supports and participates in. Treemagotchi is an interactive 'tool' that helps to do little acts of green. The idea behind Treemagotchi is simple; everybody wants to contribute, but most of us need a little push in the right direction. When you subscribe to Treemagotchi you start out with a tree that represents your greenness. The more you contribute the more your tree will grow and flourish.

Every two weeks Treemagotchi will send you a green 'assignment' to complete. Don't worry, this assignment will only take you a few minutes to do. A great example of an assignment Mark told me about, was unsubscribing from receiving a yearly phonebook. Phonebooks take up more than 0.5% of all paper consumption in the Netherlands. Quite a waste of paper since more than 30% of all Dutch throw the book in the bin without even opening it.

Treemagotchi lets you share your acts of green with your friends and helps to build (online) communities of good doers. Treemagotchi is Dutch only at this moment, but I can imagine an initiative like this taking off internationally. All Dutchies can register here (it's free).
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