It might be a bit late for this (hey don’t blame me, I’ve been busy) but I’d like to mention some cool eco-gadgets I bumped into at the Good! Lelystad event we visited.

The first is a water powered LCD clock. As you could have guessed, the awesome thing about this clock is it’s actually WATER-POWERED. That’s right, no batteries included, nor needed! Just fill her up and the clock will start ticking. Or put it on the wall of your shower, make sure it receives enough water and clock your showers (remember: shorter is better ;)).

. I’ve been told this product has been around in the UK for some time, but it’s just been introduced in the Netherlands. The idea of the kettle is childishly-simple, which makes it all the more cooler.

Do you also throw out the old water in your water boiler when you want to make yourself a cup of tea? That’s what the ECO kettle avoids. It has two compartments for water: a big and a small one. You fill the (big) main compartment with up to 1.5l of water, and whenever you need to cook water you press the button, which pumps water from the main compartment into the smaller ‘cook compartment’. You pump what you need, and you won’t be wasting as much water. It ain't rocket-science. Studies suggest it saves around 30% on water compared to regular kettles. And it has a fancy blue LED to go with that. So there!

I found these at the stand of, a Dutch importer of energy saving gadgets and appliances.