IBM Will Kill Your Engine

May 31, 2010 | 09:58
IBM Will Kill Your Engine
IBM Will Kill Your Engine
Well, not just yet. But IBM has filed a patent for a system that is able to remotely shut off your car engine at traffic lights. And it's pretty elaborate: it will be able to detect your position in the polluting queue of waiting cars, it will then take the time into account for the light to turn green. If it's over a certain value (a time where restarting the engine does not use more fuel than keeping it running), the traffic light will send a signal to the cars to turn off the engine. Whenever the lights turn green, the cars will be sent a 'start engine' command from front to back.

Ofcourse you wouldn't be reading this on Tech the Future if it wasn't for the Future. The concept is just in the 'patent application' stage, so don't expect anything just yet. It is unclear whether such a system would ever become mandatory. Furthermore it's unclear how exactly it would technically operate, it might use GPS data, or maybe use the 'weight sensors' in the road. It is also unclear whether the 'turn on/off' command is totally automated or just a 'notification' to the driver. I wouldn't mind letting the 'traffic lights' determine for me whether it's worth it to turn off the engine or not.

Finally, it's unclear to me what the advantage would be if this system would come into existence by the time we are all driving e-cars :P. So get on with it IBM, before it's too late and fuel-burning engines will be a thing of the past!

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