Today the INTA (International Trade) Committee, the committee responsible for giving the final recommandation to the EU Parliament on whether to reject or accept ACTA, voted to reject ACTA 19 to 12. The rejection means another blow to the international anti-piracy treaty as it snails its way through the European Parliament.

The ultimate showdown will be when the European Parliament will cast its vote, scheduled  on July 3.

Here are some of the live updates of Rick Falkvinge founder of the Swedish (and first) Pirate Party.


11:30 - Amendment procedures have started. Amendment one (yes to ACTA) was just WITHDRAWN. As was number two. There’s only one amendment – postpone ACTA.

11:30 - “If amendment three is adopted, the final vote on ACTA is suspended until the European Court of Justice has given its verdict. If it is rejected, we go to a final vote.”

11:31 - AMENDMENT THREE FAILS, 13 VOTES FOR AND 19 AGAINST! This, however, is 32 votes, one too many.

11:32 - It is now clear that INTA will recommend a REJECTION of ACTA with a safe margin!

11:33 - Amendment three is re-voted, and it is rejected 19 to 12. WE WON!

11:33 - WE WON IN INTA!

11:34 - The final vote remains, and there appears to be some major confusion as to the results of the vote on the amendment that just happened.

11:35 - The recommendation to reject ACTA PASSES, in a 19-against-12 vote! WE WON! WE WON!

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Photo: ACTA protest Dublin Ireland, February 4th. Credit: 4th floor for photo