Meet ZESAR; Electric Aeroplane Concept

July 8, 2010 | 07:00
Meet ZESAR; Electric Aeroplane Concept
Meet ZESAR; Electric Aeroplane Concept
The zero emission silent aircraft realisation (ZESAR), developed  by four students from the TU-Delft, flies on battery power instead of kerosine. The plane should prove clean and silent flying is not just a dream. This would be a blessing for people living near an airport, the ZESAR hardly produces any sound compared to conventional aeroplanes.

The ZESAR concept makes use of a blended wing body design, which makes the plane's energy use more efficient. The two batteries deliver enough energy to power two propellers located on the rear of the aircraft.

The project started last summer, currently the students are building a model for wind tunnel testing. If all goes well, the first unmanned flight should take place this summer. A single person prototype will be build after these tests have been completed successfully.

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