Organic Wine Webshops; Enjoy Your Wine Responsibily!

April 30, 2010 | 16:26
Organic Wine Webshops; Enjoy Your Wine Responsibily!
Organic Wine Webshops; Enjoy Your Wine Responsibily!
Wine, you gotta love it. To some people wine is a way of life. Many books have been written on the subject and it is certainly the most important drink from a culinary point of view. And yet, when I visit my local supermarket looking for a nice wine to acompany my eco-meal, the choice is quite limited. Next to endless rows of regular red, white and rosé, are a lonely few eco wines, usually not exactly matching the meal you had in mind. Often leading to a compromise.

Well this is were the web comes in. A few days ago I had the pleasure to taste a handfull of eco wines, courtesy of, an online eco-wine webshop. This company imports wines directly from small family owned wine farms whom claim their wine is 'to good for the supermarket' and refuse to sell to these big companies. Even though I am nothing close to being a wine 'connaisseur' I must say the wine tasted very nice.

The price for the wines on vinaison starts at an affordable 7,50 euro/bottle and ranges up to, let's say, more exclusive prices ;). The wines origin from France, Austria, Italy and other European country's and off course all are made from organic grown grapes.

Enjoying wine responsiblily nowadays could mean more then just the number of glasses you consume. So to all off you home chefs out there, if you want to complete your nice eco-meal with a great organic wine check out (for Dutchies) or some of these other stores:
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