Post project 1: Let’s get the party started (again)

February 22, 2013 | 16:14
Post project 1: Let’s get the party started (again)
Post project 1: Let’s get the party started (again)
Christmas is over... and somehow we’re still regaining strength after New Year’s Eve. However, at Elektor this has nothing to do with resting, and even less with stop partying. Please take these earrings as a reminder ;)
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The idea for this microcontroller driven LED earring arose when aspiring trainee Philip Jaschewski visited Elektor Castle together with his girlfriend on an exploratory visit. Being introduced to his new colleagues it was mentioned that she likes to handicraft earrings. For years, we’ve been designing electronic versions for different devices, so wouldn’t it be very Elektor-like to do the same with earrings!? Few weeks later when Philip started his traineeship, one of his assignments was to elaborate on the idea of an electronic earring. Thus, we can keep the party going and Philip’s girlfriend happy.
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