Learn to program the Raspberry Pi Pico W with the help of this book by Dogan Ibrahim. Build one or more or even all of the more than 60 projects and become a Pico Master. Discover the full potential of the wireless RP2040 microcontroller chip with the Pico and Pico W boards by Raspberry Pi.

Get Started With the Raspberry Pi Pico

The Pico and Pico W are efficient, low-cost boards that offer dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+ performance, with up to 133 MHz clock speed, 264 KB of SRAM, and 2 MB of Flash memory. Featuring a wealth of GPIO pins and popular peripheral interface modules, the Pico and Pico W offer endless possibilities for your projects.

This video is an introduction to using the Raspberry Pi Pico W and the MicroPython programming language. The Thonny development environment (IDE) is used in all of the more than 60 working and tested projects. The ideal companion for microcontroller beginners and advanced users alike, this book is your guide to unlock the full potential of the Pico and Pico W. (In case you were wondering, the 'W' stands for wireless. The Pico W has a wireless module on board for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.)



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