Rolling on Whisky

August 18, 2010 | 11:04
Rolling on Whisky
Rolling on Whisky
The following idea could not have emerged from anywhere else than Scotland. Creating bio butanol fuel out of Whisky byproducts! It must be the most obvious plan ever...

A team of Scottish researchers actually did it. It took them 2 years and a lot of money, but they developed a process that uses Whiskey brewing byproducts that normally would go to waste to create bio butanol (and to no longer waste them). The advantage of butanol is that it can be used in gasoline engines without modification. The used byproducts are 'pot ale', the liquid from the stills, and 'draff', the grains used in the whisky brewing process. If it wouldn't be for the bio butanol creation, 1600 million litres (of pot ale) and 187000 tonnes (draff) would go to waste a year.

I'm not sure to how much (single malt?) Scottish butanol this would amount, but it sure sounds like a great plan. Too bad it's not possible to deploy such a process in other countries. However, one attractive way to make this process more broadly applicable would be to start brewing Whisky on a huge scale ;).
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