Smartphones and Sustainability

March 3, 2010 | 15:32
Smartphones and Sustainability turn out to be a great combination. More and more energy management applications are becoming available for the iPhone and Android platforms. Control4 for instance let's you manage all your household appliances and monitor their power usage. The app let's you turn off lights, regulate your airconditioning and control your television and at the same time it tells you how much electricity it uses. Toronto-based company Ecobee is planning to launch a 'smart thermostat' that has the possibility to connect to your iPhone, turning your smartphone into a 'thermostat replica'.

But there was one smartphone application that really caught our attention because of it's simplicity and originality: The AUG Living Goods app. The idea is simple. Food travels quite a distance before it lands on our plates. So food takes part in traffic. The same traffic that is responsible for CO-2 elevation. So food traveling less distance means CO-2 reduction. This is where your smartphone comes in. With the Living Goods application you can scan your supermarket products and see if they're localy grown or produced. One of the applications' primary goals is  to show consumers their local impact every time they make a purchase. Not only will the application reduce our carbon foodprint, it will re-infuse money back into the local economy.

The AUG Living Goods application won the Greender Gadgets award 2010.
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