Yesterday lifestyle blogger And what's not to celebrate; Amsterdam is giving away 'free energy' to all EV owners. In fact, if you own one, the city will actually send someone to install an EV charger right in front of your house. That's worth a party in my opinion. And a party it was, the sun was out, there were free drinks for all and a dj arrived, 'plugged in' and delighted us with some lovely summer music.

Eco as Nalden is, he suggested we carpool to the party in his Tesla Roadster (thanks to Alef Arendsen of The New Motion who was friendly enough and had the guts to lend out his Tesla to a speedfreak). Ironically Nalden got stuck in traffic and never made it to my house. Once I arrived at the party (by skateboard) people had already lined up to be driven around in the Roadster. But don't worry, my time will come, I'm hooking up with Alef of the New Motion soon and take this baby for a spin... can't wait.