The Associated Whistle-Blowing Press launches Spanish leak site

April 23, 2014 | 09:31
The Associated Whistle-Blowing Press launches Spanish leak site
The Associated Whistle-Blowing Press launches Spanish leak site
The Associated Whistle-Blowing Press (AWP) officially launched, 'Fíltrala', its second local whistleblowing platform, on April 23rd. The website is aimed towards the Spanish public, and the name of the project literally means "leak it". It is launched in collaboration with four media organizations - La Marea,, Diagonal, Mongolia - along with the Comisión Anticorrupcíon de la Red Ciudadana Partido X.

One of the leading people behind Fíltrala is Hervé Falciani, member of Partido X, who after leaving his job at the swiss version of HSBC in 2009, began colaborating with the justice department of various countries thanks to his information of around 130,000 tax evaders.

This platform, like the AWP’s other local nodes, uses software developed by GlobaLeaks, a self described open-source whistleblowing framework for sending and receiving files safely. In order to guarantee the anonymity of the identity of the source, the platform works together with the Tor browser.

 Even though the AWP is conceived as a network made up of local whistle-blowing platforms which deal with the struggles and concerns of specific social contexts, it wishes to allow anyone, anywhere, to raise their voice and help bring important information to the public.

To learn more about the motivations driving the Associated Whistle-Blowing Press and Globaleaks and how they operate read the interview TTF did last year with the creators of the two platforms.

As Spain faces one of the worse economic, political and moral crisis in its history, with corruption cases appearing in the news on a daily basis, the independent press, as well as international experts, have warned about the severe regression in Spanish democracy. By opening this platform, the creators would like to offer the Spanish public a mechanism to fight back against corruption and abuse, with the hope that it will bring about justice and a much needed social regeneration.

The AWP team would like to remind users that the platform only accepts and publishes restricted or censored material of political, scientific, ethical, diplomatic or historical significance. Rumor, opinion, stories and other kinds of first hand accounts or material that is publicly available elsewhere will not be considered for obvious reasons.

Source: Press release Associated Whistle-Blowing Press
Image: Associated Whistle-Blowing Press logo
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